Our campaign is centered around empowering student voices across campus. Students deserve a codified list of rights to guarantee them power and protection against overreach and inaction by Georgetown Administration. The enumerated rights below identify and address the primary areas in which the administration has abused and excluded students, and creates a platform from which students can protect and secure their position on campus. The Sanchez-Arnett administration will engage in negotiations with the administration to implement this bill.

  1. The Right to a safe, secure, inclusive, and welcoming campus environment for all students.

  2. The Right to obtain a clear statement of basic rights concerning both academic and nonacademic student conduct, and campus involvement in any capacity.

  3. The Right to clearly disseminated expectations of faculty as they relate to students, and clear consequences should either student or faculty breach these expectations.

  4. The Right to intentioned and open-minded meetings with university administrators, staff members, workers, officers, etc. in regard to any policy that affects student life.

  5. The Right to a vote in administrative decisions that affect students, including in present and future committees where students hold representative positions.

  6. The Right to contribute voices and votes in the case of the creation of any new administrative position that affects student life.

  7. The Right to petition for changes to either academic or nonacademic regulations, procedures, or practices and for those petitions to be taken seriously by the administration given a threshold of community response.

  8. The Right to the implementation of measures or policies detailed within student referenda should they meet the approval of three quarters of voters.

  9. The Right to full transparency and consistent communication directly to the student body from the administration regarding planning and decision-making processes.

  10. The Right to adapt, add to, or alter this list of rights to preserve the living, changing relationship among students and the administration and faculty.